MARUHIDE KOKI CO., LTD. - Pipe Profiling Cutting Machine "PIPE COASTER"

Company History

1955 Start of business Hideo Seki Started machine tool selling business.
1962 Maruhide Koki was incorporated with a capital of
one (1) million yen.
1967 Maruhide Koki entered into the
pipe cutting machine business.
1970 Exported the pipe profile cutting machine
for the first time.
1973 Sold one hundred machines.
1978 Sold two hundred machines.
1983 Started the development of CNC PIPE COASTER.
1992 Started sales promotion for CNC PIPE COASTER.
The capital increased to ten (10) million yen.
1993 The capital increased to twenty (20) million yen.
1999 Tokyo Main office in 2014Mechanical NPC series was discontinued and
replaced with CNC HID-series.
2001 Opened the Kashima Factory in Ibaraki prefecture.
2004 Opened the Shanghai office.
Developed HID-3000MTS, one of the
biggest pipe profile cutting machine in the world.
2009 Opened new office building in Kashima Factory.Developed Double Chuck System.
2013 Motoki Seki was appointed as the chairman,
and Keita Seki was appointed president.
2015 Opened new office building in Kashima Factory.
Obtained certification under ISO 9001:2008.
2017 Moved to new main office.   
2019 Developed Automatic Loading and Unloading System.
Start of business
Opened new office building in Kashima Factory.
new main office.