MARUHIDE KOKI CO., LTD. - Pipe Profiling Cutting Machine "PIPE COASTER"


One Machine, “Infinite” Possibilities


About Machine

High speed, excellent quality, superior rigidity and very user friendly profile cutting machine.
The ALL PROFILE COASTER is equiped with Automatic double chucking system and provides the best cutting performance according to the type and size of the steel material.

Mechanical Specifications

How to cutPlasma
Mechanicak length300mm~6000mm
Material widths50×50~250×250mm
Maximum product lengthUp to 2000mm ※Depending on conditions
Maximum loading material weight300kg ※Depending on conditions

Good Points

・High speed, excellent quality, superior rigidity!
・A wide variety of cutting templates, stored locally, are available to the user, allowing anyone to create cut data without specialized knowledge.
・The material is secured using a double chucking system. This system enhances the quality of our cutting process.

Another Functions

・You can cut Angle, Channel, H-beam(Depending on conditions), Square tube, and Round pipe!
・Optional functions are available! (Automatic loading-unloading system and Fume collector)

Cutting shapes