MARUHIDE KOKI CO., LTD. - Pipe Profiling Cutting Machine "PIPE COASTER"

Standard HID Series

HID-400MACutting pipe diameter φ34~φ406.4 Spec

HID-650MA Cutting pipe diameter φ60.5~φ660.4 Spec

HID-1000MA Cutting pipe diameter φ76.3~φ1016 Spec

HID-1350MA Cutting pipe diameter φ165.2~φ1371.6 Spec

HID-1500MA Cutting pipe diameter φ267.4~φ1524 Spec

MA Series Mechanical Specifications

Specifications / Model 400MA 650MA 1000MA 1350MA 1500MA
Cutting pipe diameter(mm) 34 to 406.4 60.5 to 660.4 76.3 to 1016 165.2 to 1371.6 267.4 to 1524
Axis numbers (model) 5 axis (MA5)/ 6 axis (MA6)/ 7 axis (MA7)
Interactive cutting software (PIPE STUDIO) Standard
Interactive operation panel / Remote control panel Standard
Windows network Standard
Torch travel length (mm) 1000 / 3000 / 6000 / 9000 / 12000 / 15000 / 18000
Pipe trolley numbers Torch rail 1000 to 3000 mm x2sets / 6000 to 9000 mm x 3sets / 12000 mm or more x5sets
Self-centering pipe chuck 400MA, 650MA, 1000MA 4 or 5 jaws / 1350MA, 1500MA 3jaws
Laser sensing system Standard
Plasma cutting machine Standard
Oxy/fuel cutting Option
Manual pre-heating unit Option
Auto pre-heating unit Option
Auto pre-heating system Option
Motorized clamping system (chuck) Option
Motorized traveling system (pipe trolley) Option
Touch sensor (side) Option
Auto marking system (powder) Option
Auto marking system (inkjet) Option
Cutting system for rear side of chuck Option
Loading-unloading system with chuck up/down function Option
Square rotator Option
Fume collector Option